Rideshare and Delivery platform

Technology that connects people and businesses to local drivers for cost-effective and convenient transportation.

CarGo website and app launch screen
CarGo admin dashboard and driver app screenshots

What is carGO?

carGO is a transportation network company serving smaller cities. carGO’s platform uniquely connects people seeking on-demand and scheduled rides and delivery of food and other items to its stable of professional, trained, independently-contracted drivers using their personal vehicles.

carGO believes it takes more than technology to create great customer experiences—it also takes service. Codefi Labs didn't just develop all-inclusive technology that connects people and businesses seeking on-demand and scheduled rides and delivery of restaurant food, alcohol and small packages, to local drivers using their personal vehicles. A robust administrative backend and dashboard was also necessary to ensure that carGO's dedicated team can offer great user experiences and provide top-notch customer service. A highly customized driver app was also developed that addresses driver needs and concerns, complete with a user interface optimized for busy drivers on the go.


  • Ruby
  • NodeJS
  • Elixir
  • Java (Android apps)
  • Swift (iOS apps)
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Twilio, Google Maps, and Stripe integration


  • Product strategy
  • UX design and testing
  • Software development
  • Software maintenance and modernization
carGO Carryout interface
carGO Menu
carGO Rides interface


carGO started in Cape Girardeau and Jackson, Missouri, in February, 2017. After completing over 150,000 deliveries and rides, carGO has expanded across southeast Missouri to Poplar Bluff, into southern Illinois, beginning with Carbondale, Marion, and Mount Vernon, and are planning further expansion in the near future. CarGO started as a rideshare platform, but quickly expanded into restaurant food and alcohol delivery, as well as courier delivery services.