6 Reasons why Advertising & Marketing Agencies need to Partner with Custom Software Firms

Want to be a more capable, sexier advertising or marketing agency on the cuttingest cutting edge of the digital frontier? Partnering with a custom software firm can increase the types and load of work you can do, is cheaper and more flexible than building your own development team, and can give you a leg (or maybe both legs) up in a competitive market. If you want to serve your clients in ways you never thought possible, consider the following six points and, together with your awesome software development partner, take your agency to new and unexpected heights.

1. It increases the versatility of services you can offer

Advertising. Marketing. PR. Meh. Sure, you’re good at them, but so is your competition. A software development partnership opens the possibility of offering web apps, mobile apps, and other software solutions. That’s an easy value-add for your clients. Plus, being able to work solely with your company, rather than having to hire a separate development firm, can save a client a lot of time and consolidate communications and expenses, as well. You’re a project manager’s dream come true!

2. It’s cheaper and more flexible than building your own in-house development team

Oh yeah, you could hire your own devs, but then you’re dealing with a lot of extra overhead, and then you’ll have to keep them busy so it’s worth having them around. (I mean, for reasons other than their good looks and magnetic personalities.) A development partner, however, can be called upon only when needed, won’t contribute to your overhead costs, and brings a diverse skillset to the table, whereas an in-house team may not be as capable. Remember, your future development partners are already the experts in their field—you can take advantage of that now, rather than trying to develop your own experts over a long period of time.

3. Your combined experience promotes better idea-sharing and problem-solving

If a client approaches you with a problem, you may not have the time, experience, or know-how to solve it on your own. On the other hand, when partnering with a development firm, you can join forces and combine your strengths and experiences to produce a better solution that neither partner may have thought of on their own. You’re the cookies, they’re the milk, and you make magic together.

Cookies and milk

Your new partnership. Well, in food form. Good individually. Great together.

4. A partner can help with capacity issues or step in for emergency jobs

If your agency already dabbles in software development, but you are at capacity and the work keeps piling on, a development partner can help take the load off your already-taxed team. Your partner can also step in to fill a need in an emergency situation, such as the loss of an employee or an urgent bug-fix.

5. It can improve your own internal processes

You can learn a thing or two from your partner, and maybe they can learn something from you, as well. Maybe their workflow or project management is a little unorganized, but you have a method that would improve their firm’s performance. Maybe your team needs to learn a new skill, and they’ve found the perfect YouTube tutorial series that taught them how to do it. It’s more than a partnership; it’s collaboration and community, as well.

6. It makes your agency more marketable

If you’re the only agency on the block that can offer software development in addition to your typical suite of services, you hold a distinct, competitive advantage over the guys across the street. Not only does that make you more attractive in the eyes of potential clients, but more indispensable in the eyes of the clients you already have. You may also find your agency on the radar of companies that never would have considered you before you started offering development services. It’s like a real-life rom-com makeover montage, except it’s not, but you know what I mean.



Let’s face it—you need a software development partner. If your agency doesn’t do development, they can increase the number of services you offer in a flexible manner and at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own team. If you already do some development of your own, you can work together with your partner to increase your versatility and capacity, solve problems you couldn’t tackle independently, and complement each other’s expertise along the way. It’s a match made in heaven, and you know it. Make it happen.